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Providing excellent English lessons since 2012

Tutoring Session

Face-to-face learning

All face-to-face classes are conducted in the academy. The classrooms are spacious, clean, and conducive to learning. An advantage of this learning method is that students can focus on their lessons as there are fewer distractions than when they are at home. However, the execution of the class and the general flow of the lessons for both face-to-face and online learning are the same.

ENL Online

Online classes are conducted via Zoom or Skype, so students should ensure that they have these platforms installed on their devices. Teachers of online classes are mostly home-based but they may opt to teach onsite as well. A great advantage of learning English online is that you can study in the comfort of your own home or wherever you prefer, may it be in a cafe, at the park, or even while in transit. You may feel more relaxed than when in a classroom setting.  Also, you'll be able to build up your skills interacting with technology.

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